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Much More Than Marks, Learning For Life

At ý, outstanding academic results are just one part of the rich schooling experience we strive to deliver for each and every student. Successful ý students are not only academically able – they’re strong team members, they care for others, and they want to give back to the world.

Far from an institution of routine testing and grades, we’ve created an environment where students obtain real-world knowledge and understanding, and develop the emotional and social intelligence needed not only to become active life participants, but also to be remarkable leaders.

ý is a frontrunner in gifted and talented education through our well-known and awarded , and we’re consistently successful in a wide range of sporting, cultural, and community based co-curricular events at state, national and international levels.

Our history and culture emphasise excellence across all areas of education, not just within a particular program. Through this drive, and our commitment to the “whole child”, we empower individual students to reach their true potential, enabling them to achieve fulfillment in pursuits that inspire them, and in turn, to contribute positively to society.

Working in partnership with parents, and with the strategic input of our community, we help young people become confident young adults ready to fulfill their dreams.

I welcome all students and parents to ý – we’re a proudly public, proudly coeducational school, and we’re honoured to be recognised as one of Australia’s best.